About the blog and the course


There is no doubt that digital skills are a part of our professional and cultural modern life. In this blog we have the chance to work on these modern capacities while participating in conservative classes.

What to post? – Summaries of the class, work in progress, post as advice, doubts (asking for commentaries), images and videos, helpful reading material et a long cetera.

About the course (all information is also available in ADI):


1st Semester. September to December 2013

Prof. Dra. Rosalia Baena (rbaena@unav.es) and Shai Cohen (scohen@alumni.unav.es)



To identify major literary figures and works in English and American literature

To be familiar with the cultural impact of major literary works in English.

To get to know the basic critical concepts in order to read a literary work.

To be aware of contemporary criticism on ethics and literature.



To be able to develop a critical reading of literature in English.

To get a sense of the moral dimension of literary works. To be able to gather personal teachings from major literary works.

To improve oral and written skills in English.

To understand literary terms (see Glossary)

[To see the class in ADI, click here]


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