Alice Munro, short stories Nobel Prize Laureate

We had an important reminder today from prof. Rosalía Baena, pointing out that the distinguished writer Alice Munro was just awarded the Nobel Price in Literature. Hence, as part of our celebration, here’s a link to 12 of her short stories (free online) followed by a short interview:

A Red Dress—1946” (2012-13, Narrative—requires free sign-up)

Amundson” (2012, The New Yorker)

Train” (2012, Harper’s)

To Reach Japan” (2012, Narrative—requires free sign-up)

Gravel” (2011, The New Yorker)

Deep Holes” (2008, The New Yorker)

Free Radicals” (2008, The New Yorker)

Face” (2008, The New Yorker)

Dimension” (2006, The New Yorker)

Passion” (2004, The New Yorker)

Runaway” (2003, The New Yorker)

Boys and Girls” (1968)

No doubt, Ms. Munro, as The New York Times writes, “revolutionized the architecture of short stories.”




3 thoughts on “Alice Munro, short stories Nobel Prize Laureate

  1. Agreed, Murakami or Adonis. They are great but we certainly need more women power to equilibrate the Nobel Prize winners. Just finished Boys & Girls, I was absorbed from the first paragraph to the end, wonderfully captivating writing.

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